Is Instagram Ruining The Art Of Photography?

by Sam Watson

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In September, the Brooks Museum of Memphis held an Instagram contest for their Shared Vision exhibit that intends to represent 100 years of photography. When #memphisshared was hashtagged under a Memphis-related picture, it was entered. The museum’s judges comprising of two curators, a local photographer and a social media expert chose which Instagram pictures they felt best portrayed the city. Of over 1,200 entries, those selected will be hung in the Brooks Museum for two months.

The exhibit’s co-curator, Jenny Hornby, clarified the museum’s underlying intention: “We wanted to involve the local community in adding a contemporary chapter that represents mobile photography. Today’s cell phones and photo-sharing apps have blurred the line between professional and amateur photographers. The Brooks wanted to organize an exhibition that represents that.” When Instagram fills museum galleries, the question is: is amateur Instagram photography ruining the art of professional photography?

Yes, and the reason is…

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